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Exquisite Fashion Series

Exquisite Fashion Series:

Furicco meeting room chairs are design with the concept of simple. They are quite suitable to put in the meeting room, guest room or just the front of the executive office desk for visitors.

Reception and conference are two of the main functions of this series of office chairs. The basic requirement of this type of office chair is being simple and practical. It should be able to save room in limited space and it is usually designed with low back. The wood or metal supporting frame would be simple but strange, offering users intimate feelings. Thus, this type of office chairs is supposed as the tool of human communication and its role is "melting” function among people.

Furicco is a professional office chair manufacturer and exporter in China with more than 8 years. We have a strong design team to design new chairs to meet the current fashion trend. Looking for meeting room or conference office chair supplier? Send e-mail to Furicco for more details now!

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