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Modern Fashion Series

Modern fashion series is one the two best-selling chair series in Furicco. Our boss chair sells quite well in the international market, especially in Europe , America and South east Asia.

We committed ourselves in design and manufacture of successful businessman’s favored office chairs by choosing top material and exercising philosophy of delicate art. Our craftsmen engaged themselves in pursuing perfect coexistence of grace and change, introversion and luxury.

This kind of class office chair is in highly accordance with humanism in function. They can offer users multidirectional and dimensional support when staff are at different state of work, such as working for a long time, taking a rest and ponder, or stretch body. These functions provide users freedom and assuredness in business world.

A piece of office chair may represent the user’s aesthetic taste, personal temper and even the ideal in life. And Furicco’s office chair is endowed with different personality in appearance design, materials, craftwork and function, which is more adequately satisfied multiplex and humanism selections.

1. Top leather or PU (with thickness 1.0mm) makes the boss chairs looks noble.

2. High quality aluminum alloy makes the bases and arms firm.

3. High density foam ensures the comfort of the chair.

4. Manufacturing according to BIFMA standard, quality guaranteed.

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