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Noble Luxury Series

Noble Luxury Series is the carrier of culture, who expresses the life style at a certain extent. Classicalism is an eternal fashion. Now the fashion spring up to return to the ancient times. With class office chair, we can proudly play a great part in office chair field.

Every piece of office chair is pure handiwork. Every detail is handled by ten year experienced craftsmen. The details include making the wood frame of chair, cutting and shading foam, assembling leather and beating in the copper needles. In order to make a good classical office chair, the craftsman may spend one week or more time to accomplish. You even can’t find the stitching of leather among most classical office chairs so as to avoid matching and pop out craftsmanship. This traditional handiwork endue them extraordinary value that can’t be replaced by the products of modern industry.

Looking for classical office chair manufacturer? Choose Furicco with 10 year’ manufacturing experience. You are sure with high quality and competitive price.

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