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Please Cleaning Your Leather Chairs Regularly

Please Cleaning Your Leather Chairs Regularly


1. Determine the type of leather. Before you attempt to clean a leather 一sofa, determine the type of leather. Manufacturer's tags found on leather furniture generally provide cleaning tips and warnings.

· Look to see if there are any tags attached to your furniture. If you don't find any, look at the written material that came with your furniture when you purchased it. If you know the specific type of chair you own, you may be able to find manufacturer's instructions online.

· The tag or instructions will provide tips on cleaning your furniture. It will also let you know what products could be potentially harmful to your leather.

· If you're unable to determine the specific type of leather, keep in mind most leather furniture is made from top-coat protected leather. It is generally safe to clean this leather using mild body soap and water.




2. Vacuum the chair. Before you begin cleaning your furniture, give it a good vacuuming. Regular vacuuming can prevent wear and tear on leather furniture.

· For best results, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

· Run the vacuum over the chair, making sure to get into dust between the cushions and in any cracks or crevices.

· Once you finish, wipe the chair down with a cloth. Use either a cotton or microfiber cloth.

· Keep an eye out for problem areas when vacuuming and dusting. Later on, you can treat any stains you find with soap or other cleaning products.


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3. Make a cleaner using water and soap. Once you've vacuumed and dusted, prepare your cleaner. You can clean leather with basic household supplies.

· Use a mild liquid soap. Soaps you would use in the shower work well as long as they're of a mild variety.

· If possible, use distilled water over tap water. Tap water may contain trace amounts of contaminants such as chlorine, which can cause damage to leather.

· Mix the water and soap together until suds form at the surface.


4. Wipe down the chair. Test a small area of the chair first. If you don't notice any damage, dip a clean rag in the liquid and wring it out thoroughly. From there, wipe the chair down with the wet rag.

· Once you finish applying the water and soap mixture, get another rag. Soak it with only distilled water and then ring it out. Repeat the process with this rag.

· Take a third rag and use it to dry off the chair.

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5. Condition the leather. You should always condition leather after cleaning it to restore its natural oils. You can use olive oil to condition leather. Add a small amount of olive oil to a dry cloth. Then, rub it into the leather until it has a nice shine.

· Be very careful not to use too much olive oil. This can make leather look greasy. If your chair looks darker after conditioning, you've used too much oil. Try to use less next time.

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