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Furicco Artistic Design

Furicco Artistic Design


Only when all social constraints are thrown aside, can art show us its most pure image. Only when we put down the colored glasses in our hearts, can we appreciate the fascinating imagination of art. Body art is the same as the art of chair, because some beauty is indescribable, and can only be presented with the soul.
An ideological journey initiated by dreams has no f ixed point of view and position, and  
it can be seen as a free rein between the artistic world and real life. Maybe it's a poetic space, a fascinating chair. Here, I forget the constraint, the rules, and freely enjoy the  comfortable state composed by space and human.

From the minimalist shape to the new art  of chair, FURICCO off ice chair, driven by  advanced technology and the trend of  the times, has integrated human creative  ideas and multi-element culture, showing  its own taste. 


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